2019 SEO Optimizing for Local Zip Codes

We’ve all done it. Admit it! We have stuffed zip codes of an area at the footer of a client’s website. Did it work? It probably worked pre-2012 before local SEO became dependent on Google My Business and local citations. Now the #1 factor in local search is proximity to the user, device location plays an enormous role in what personalized search results a user will see.

If something on your page would help the user finding information, then it wouldn’t hurt to still optimize for postal codes on a website. Just make sure the information you have on your Google map is consistent with what you have on your website.

It’s always best to create some superb content for users so here are a few ways you can optimize for postal zones without going black hat.

  1. Create blog posts showcasing work with photos using city names. (Google knows which cities equate each zip code.
  2. Share your local content on social media. Make it relevant to the community. Share an event or community news in the area.
  3. When writing posts, link out to other local businesses in the area.
  4. . Name address and phone number in local online directories.
  5. Proper setup, completion and update activity on a Google My Business profile. More photos, posts, and reviews will start to kick up the prominence factor to get a map ranking in local search. 


The Evolution of Google Local Search Infographic

history of google my business
Courtesy of Bluetrain LLC https://www.bluetrain.ca