Good and Bad Software for Tracking Google Map Rankings

I’m going to save you some time.  I’ve used bad software with horrible customer service and I’ve used good maps ranking position software.

Services for Tracking organic keywords are easy to find. But finding a reliable software or service that track the rankings for Google My Business maps based on geo keyword searches can be difficult to find and costly. I needed a service that tracked maps for over 130 locations that could automate reporting and give me close to real-time stats. Learn more on how to rank maps.

Here’s what I used for tracking maps, what failed, how I got burned and what I’m happy with now to track the positions of maps in Google.

Here’s what I’ve used for tracking map rankings maps tracking software. – Ughh

I used to use but it stopped working mid 2018. I tried to call the phone number on their website and on their GMB profile, but the lines were either cut off or nobody answered. After multiple attempts trying to reach customer service, i resorted to tracking down the owner on all email address I could find of staff and social networks including LinkedIn and never got a response.

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After about a month of going back and forth with about their map tracking and analytics, I gave up.  


Bigger and Better Finding for Tracking Local Maps Rankings

Ranktrackr for checking local map ranks


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After wasting time and money with, I found and tried another service called Ranktrackr.

Some of the features that led me to try this local seo position program was that I could track keywords and map rankings by either zip code, city, state. Ranktrackr can also track featured snippets, knowledge card and image carousels.  And it allows you to track rankings for searches on PC or Mobile.

I use this to track organic and map rankings in Google for specific keywords but Ranktrackr also supports analytics data from Bing, Yahoo and even YouTube.  Learn more.

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Competitor Research 

With Ranktrackr you can set up your competitors to check their search rankings and compare them the urls you are tracking.

Easy maps, rankings, tracking local pack reporting.

Easily see your client’s rankings for organic keywords or keyword rankings in the local pack and beyond.

Track by geo location and mobile device if you like. This helps your maps analytics appear as if you were searching in the clients city or zip code for a local search result.

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  Press The Easy Button


Generating a report is easy. You can pick which ranking data you want to show in your report. Newbie friendly SEO reporting.  Below is a sample report for a random business that shows up in the 3 pack for its keywords.


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sample report


Learn more about Ranktrackr