Showing Local Businesses Google Analytics Traffic Reports

Google Analytics is an important tool for collecting and analyzing data to a website.  However, is Google Analytics traffic data important enough to give to a local business too look at and determine success?

It depends.

If they do not sell items or take orders directly on their website, showing Google Analytics information to a plumber might not be a good way to demonstrate success or ROI.  In fact it might even open up a bunch of questions.  For instance what if the monthly website traffic report says the website only had 3 visitors despite the client saying they have been getting 10 calls a month?

How can a website have so little traffic in Google Analytics but continue to receive a steady flow of phone calls?

The answer is the way Google presents modern-day search results.  Google has been displaying results for queries that contain information that a consumer might need within the results.  These results have been coined Zero-Click results, read more.

Here are some examples of Zero-Click search results using plumbers as part of the query.

Some of these results include but are not limited to:

Local Maps –  A consumer can get phone number, reviews and even types of services provided within the search results This causes the user to avoid clicking to a website or go any further down the page into organics.  An honest and completed Google My Business profile is responsible for these types of results.

Featured Snippets – These are answers to direct queries within the search results.

Example of question answered in Google search engine results



Branded Knowledge Panels – These come up for brand searches. Users can find information on phone number, hours, directions, services, reviews and updates without having to click to a website.


So are Google Analytics traffic reports good to show local clients to show progress?

Yes, but they should be accompanied by Google My Business insights.  Insights will give you data on users that may have not clicked to the website.

What would be even better if you utilized call tracking on a website.  Showing how many calls a client received is a much better way to show success than handing a Google Analytics report that they may have to decipher.


Keep it easy for your local seo clients, show them progress with leads and sales by using call tracking, and most importantly show them keyword movements.