2018 SEO Optimizing for Local Zip Codes

We’ve all done it. Admit it! We have stuffed zip codes of an area at the footer of a client’s website. Did it work? It probably worked pre-2012 before local SEO became dependent on Google My Business and local citations. Now the #1 factor in local search is

How Well Do You Know Google My Business

Google My Business is one of the easiest ways to get a local business to known, to be found and to show off their skills to the local area. Let’s see if you can answer a few of these questions.  

Maps Icon Quiz – Google Maps Legend and Icon Definitions

3 quick questions to see if you can identify the symbol. If you can pass this quiz, you won’t have any trouble in life using Google Maps to navigate. 

Google Maps Icons and Markers Explained

When you search for a specific address in Google, you may notice blue, orange, yellow and red markers surrounding the area of the red pin. Many local seo companies and even business owners struggle to find the answer about these map m

Google Serviced Based Ads

Google Guarantee on Ads Dominate the Top as Prime Real Estate

Google is testing out service based ads for Local Paid Search. (Just do a search for Miami Plumber.) What are Local Service ads? Google Local Service ads are being offered in a few markets.  If you have seen these ads, they change…