Google Maps Icons and Markers Explained

What are the Different Legends, Icons, and Points of Interest Explained in Google Maps?


When you search for a specific address in Google, you may notice blue, orange, yellow and red markers surrounding the area of the red pin. Many local SEO companies and even business owners struggle to find the answer about these map markers. The reason is Google doesn’t have an official blog on map icons or legends because maps are dealt with on the developer end.  Google Map Developers don’t speak the same language as the average joe so trying to find information on map icons proves difficult unless you know the technical term. But these map icons you see are called POI Click Events. But for the sake of understanding, I’m just going to use the terms explain markers, icons, and pins.

If you want the short version, Google has a section on Place Labels on Maps. If not, keep reading.

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Google Gave Away Secret for Local SEO Rankings

If you ever wanted to get a business to come up for the maps section of the search results here is your chance.  But first, this is for businesses with a real physical address.

Note: If you are working with a local client or area business that wants to have multiple maps listings, and wants to rank in New York if his address is in Chicago then you need to set the expectation before you bring on a new client.  Local is local, if your client wants to expand into other cities that’s ok.. they just need to expand and have another physical address.  If you want to get a client ranked outside of their area and into big cities and suburbs, then you can use this little trick here..

But for now here is the secret that Google published. It’s the first time Google has actually said with 100% certainty what will make a local business rank using Google My Business.

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