Google Gave Away Secret for Local SEO Rankings

If you ever wanted to get a business to come up for the maps section of the search results here is your chance.  But first, this is for businesses with a real physical address.

Note: If you are working with a local client or area business that wants to have multiple maps listings, and wants to rank in New York if his address is in Chicago then you need to set the expectation before you bring on a new client.  Local is local, if your client wants to expand into other cities that’s ok.. they just need to expand and have another physical address.  If you want to get a client ranked outside of their area and into big cities and suburbs, then you can use this little trick here..

But for now here is the secret that Google published. It’s the first time Google has actually said with 100% certainty what will make a local business rank using Google My Business.

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In 2018 Keyword Optimization is Dead

Google isn’t looking for keywords on the page anymore. It’s not looking for phrases. Its not looking for meta description.  They have been doing this since late 2014. So while you may rank for certain keywords, Google isn’t really looking for keywords on a website anymore.

Keyword research is completely dead.

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Spam Email For SEO Services – Blasting Contact Forms Is Still a Thing in 2017

Someone got a new toy!  Papa didn’t get a new squeezebox… they got a Scrapebox. More on Scrapebox later. Welcome to my unfinished area seo pro blog.  Excuse the dust and typos. This is my first blog post on Area SEO Pro. This site isn’t even ready to launch but I don’t care. I want … Read more